Visit us at www.lifestationyork.comAt LifeStation we’re asking God to help us establish rhythms of life that will allow us to have Kingdom impact in the lives of those who are not yet following Jesus. Therefore, the weekend of February 3rd was set aside as an intentional weekend where we were focused on creating a variety of “hangouts” to connect with neighbors. 

To be honest, it was practically a no-brainer for us since that was the weekend of the Superbowl. So we asked God to show us what we should do and who we should invite. For my family, God made it possible to partner with Brian & Julie Hoffman. We live in the same neighborhood, and have a God-sized dream to see every family following Jesus. So, the Hoffmans hosted, we all invited neighbors to join us, and we allowed God to use football to bring us all together.

The gathering ended up being a incredible mix of people we already knew, those that we kind-of-knew, and those that would become new friends. I remember looking around the room and marveling at how God had brought us all together, and the opportunities that He gave us to be a part of each other’s lives.

One of my highlights from the evening was meeting the parents of one of our neighbors who, the day before, had arrived in York having completed 44 years of being missionaries in France. Their participation in what God was doing abroad inspired me and challenged me to continue pursuing the mission that God has for me and my family. I’m committed to trusting God to establish our family as missionaries in the Wellington Greens Community, right here in York.

Football, Friends, and France reinforced to me that people matter, communities can change, faith & life are meant to be shared, God’s mission is worth living, and that following Jesus changes everything!


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