You really stand up all day?

This question, “Do you really stand up all day?” has been asked of me multiple times since I’ve made the switch to a standup desk a couple of years ago. The answer is a resounding, “Yes! And I love it!”

Here’s a picture of my newly renovated standup desk. Thanks to a good friend, Josh, and some major inspiration from my wife, and the donation of the desk itself from my folks, this desk is now the perfect workstation for me.


Standup Desk

As you can see, we removed the keyboard tray from it’s normal position where you would sit and placed it at a higher position so that it would be at the perfect height for me to stand and work.

I also added a laptop mount with an adjustable arm to hold my Macbook at the right position so that I can use two monitors.

One thing that you probably don’t notice from first look is that the top part of the desk is actually sitting upside down. If it was sitting right side up, the larger monitor would sit too high for me. So, when we flipped it upside down, the monitor is able to be suspended at the perfect height for me.

I’ve read some articles and have learned over the years that standing is healthier for most of us than sitting all day. The infographic below gives some specific reasons as to why that is. Enjoy and happy standing!



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