Symbols are certainly helpful to us today in many ways. In the marketing world, symbols are useful for branding. Consider the Nike swoosh or the Golden Arches. These recognizable symbols are found on clothing and billboards all over the world. The moment we see the swoosh we associate it with either specific shoes or clothing. When the Golden Arches catch our eye we know that a Happy Meal is just around the corner.

Not unlike how icons are used today, symbols have been useful tools all throughout history. Consider the radiation symbol, the Yin & Yang, the Nazi Swastika, or the Skull & Crossbones. When we come across these symbols we have an immediate reaction both emotionally and cognitively, depending upon our past experiences or beliefs.

When it comes to Christian religious symbols, there are plenty to choose from. Some of the more recognizable ones include: the fish, the dove, and of course, the cross.

I’m currently reading a book by Hugh Halter entitled Flesh, in which I was introduced to the symbol of the anchor.


“While the symbol of the cross became, and still remains, a symbol that focuses on what Jesus did for us, the anchor is a symbol of what He is for us while we live for Him. The anchor is a symbol of a sent people.” – Hugh Halter

This makes a lot of sense to me. What does an anchor represent? Stability, assurance, security. As we declare a different way to live life as well as embrace and live out values like…

People Matter
Communities can Change
Following Jesus Changes Everything
Faith & Life are meant to be Shared
God’s Mission is worth Living

…the symbol of the anchor becomes a necessary reminder that God is with us and will sustain us. We can rest assured and depend upon Him for strength and security to live on mission.


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