Jean Stairs wrote the following in the book, Listening for the Soul:

Becoming more conscious of God is not so much about seeking a mystical, out of this world or end of life’s road kind of religious experience, but rather developing a deeper awareness and appreciation of how our everyday experiences abound in the mystery and presence of God. The ordinary events of our experience should not be in the way or apart from the way to living in the presence of God, but the way to it.

That last sentence of this quote is quite thrilling to me. I, like you and many others, tend to write off the normal and mundane parts of life as unimportant and separate from anything spiritual. Nothing could be further from the truth. God is very much interested in the very details of life and is willing to be present in it all if we let him.

This has me asking questions like:

– What does it mean to be aware of God?
– How can I be intentional about pursuing the presence of God in the midst of the ordinary events of life?
– In what ways can a community of faith help me be aware of the presence of God in deeper ways?

How about you. What questions are you asking these days about the presence of God?


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