Home Church

Home Church

Today, LifeStation embarks on a new part of our journey together as we begin to meet in what we call Home Church gatherings. These smaller gatherings, in addition to our twice monthly public gatherings, allow us to share faith and life in so many wonderful, exciting ways.

The BLESS acronym below is a simple way for us to communicate what is important to us as a home church gathers.

➲ Be– present & involved in the lives of others
➲ Listen– to Scripture, God, and the stories of others
➲ Eatin homes & public places with others
➲ Share– stories, opportunities & resources with others
➲ Sacrifice– time, preferences & opinions for the sake of others

One of the exciting things for all of us who are starting this journey in home churches, is that together we have the opportunity to shape what these gatherings are like. LifeStation leadership certainly has some ideas, but they are more general types of items, because we believe that allowing the community to participate in shaping these gatherings will result in a much richer, life-giving experience.

I can’t wait to see how God move among us and draws us closer to himself and each other as we commit to declaring a different way to live life together and share faith and life in deeper ways.


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