Wholeness is one of those topics that is rarely considered by us individually for our own benefit. It’s much easier to think of wholeness on behalf of someone else, and too often we put wholeness in a category where it applies to a specific type of food or diet, or we see it as a term used by new age enthusiasts.

But things begin to change when we consider that God created us to be whole.

Wholeness, when simply considered, certainly sounds like a good thing. To be whole, as opposed to being incomplete, or lacking in some way, seems to be the better option. But what does it really mean to be whole? What are we to look like and act like as people who are being made whole by our creator God?

Wholeness seems to have a connotation of being healthy in our minds, bodies, and spirits, but that doesn’t quite give us the entire picture. What else is missing?

When I consider wholeness I can’t escape this idea that It all revolves around Jesus. As I read the stories of Jesus in the Bible, I see people being made whole just by being present with him. There is something about the sweet presence of Jesus that makes us feel whole and fully alive. In the gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 10, we read Jesus statement that he came to give us life, abundant life. That certainly sounds a lot like he’s offering us the opportunity to be made whole.

I’m convinced that the God who created us wants us to be whole and healed and full of life as we walk this earth. I also believe that this doesn’t look the same for all of us. Yes, there will be similarities, but how Jesus works wholeness in you will be displayed in a most beautiful way that is specific to you.

As we continue to understand and grow into this idea that we were created to be whole, let’s celebrate together this Jesus who makes us new and whole and offers us abundant life.


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