“Excess is that thing that we could give away today, and it wouldn’t change a single aspect of our tomorrow.” – Jeff Shinabarger (More or Less)

If you think about excess the way Jeff Shinabarger describes above, I would tend to think that we all have quite a few items in our homes that we could put in that category. As I stand here at my desk I notice the following:

– 4 Bibles
– 2 Guitars
– A bunch of books
– Some knick knacks (and paddywacks)

That’s just what’s in view right now. Not to mention all of the stuff in the other rooms of the house.

I’m considering what I’m to do with this excess, especially as I realize that I can’t play both guitars at the same time, and all those Bibles are accessible online.

I’m a big fan of living simply because it forces me to make better choices when it comes to living out the values that my family and I have adopted. Taking inventory of what we own to determine what is truly excess is a giant step toward living simply.

Who’s with me? Who’s ready to take this step with me?


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