Soul On Fire

The lyrics to this new song by Third Day and All Sons & Daughters captures where my heart is at these days as I focus on what it means to know God more deeply and be okay with simply being in His presence.

The following phrases are some of my favorites from this song.

“God, I’m Running for your Heart…” – I love the movement that comes to mind when I hear these words. I’m also a fan of how running for the heart of God is a way for me to declare that God knows best and I want what He wants.

“God, I’m Longing for your ways…” – This line is a great reminder to me that my ways fall short and I need to constantly be aware of the ways of God as they relate to all of life…relationships, work, play, learning, etc.

“In the darkness lead me through…” – Usually I want to run from the darkness or escape it. But this lyric reminds me that God can be present in our darkness and He desires to lead us through it, rather than helping us escape it. Encountering the power and presence of God in the midst of our darkness has the potential to open new and exciting doors that we never knew even existed before.

I hope you not only enjoy this great new song, but that you allow God to speak to you in the midst of it.


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