More Than Just A Feeling


“It’s one thing to sing about God and recite quotes about God and invoke God’s name; it’s another be aware of the presence in every taste, touch, sound, and embrace.” – Rob Bell (from the book What We Talk About When We Talk About God)

Over the past month I’ve been given the opportunity to learn about and consider spirituality and the body. This has been a great exercise in understanding God with fresh eyes and no limits. Choosing to allow myself to be more fully aware of the presence of God in all areas of life has revealed to me that God is so much bigger than I ever thought or imagined. And I would say that I used to think that God was absolutely huge.

The Rob Bell quote above gets at what I’m trying to communicate. I have slowly been realizing that my awareness of God took place in a box. As long as it fit in the box, I was good. Anything outside of the box was typically discarded immediately.

I’m realizing that being aware of God is more than just a feeling.

Because of this, I’m trying to destroy the box.

Allowing myself to encounter the presence of God through all of my senses is becoming a wonderfully new way for me to not only deepen my relationship with God, but it has helped me to notice God in the routine and mundane things of life.

Here’s to being aware of the reality of our great, and awesome God as we enjoy incredibly tasty food with friends, sniff out the most amazing smells, join our voices in the song of the redeemed, listen to the sounds of the season, and choose to express love and compassion with a simple touch.


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