Time Is Ticking Away

IMG_3030Today is my oldest daughter’s thirteenth birthday. It’s hard to believe because it feels like yesterday that she was a toddler running around with the curls in her hair bouncing all around and her cute little smile making everyone around her feel loved and welcome.

There’s this app called Legacy that I was introduced to a few years ago at a parenting seminar that occasionally reminds me of how much time I have left with each of my kids before they graduate from high school.

This app breaks down the time into weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. I’m sitting here looking at the time I have left with Maiah and this is what it shows…


When I see that I have only 220 weeks left with her until she’s a high school graduate my first inclination is to double check the math because that just doesn’t sound correct…it doesn’t sound like enough time.

But it is. 220 weeks. If I look at it in hours, 37,000 sounds like a bunch, but that can be deceiving.

So after the shock of it all wears off a little bit, I realized that what I need to do is be intentional about not washing anymore time with her, or any of my kids for that matter. So, how will I do that, you ask? Great question.

Here’s a list I’ve started. It’s certainly not exhaustive, so parents, please share from your experience some ideas that I should consider as well. Here’s to making the most of the time we have with our kids in their formative years.

1. Pray!
2. Laugh a lot together.
3. Listen, and listen again.
4. Keep pointing her to Jesus.
5. Chase after her to ensure peace.
6. Remind her that God is FOR her.
7. Open my home as a gathering place for her friends.
8. Be the example of the husband she desires by loving her Mom exclusively.
9. Remind her often that I love her.
10. Encourage the passions that stir in her heart.
11. Compliment her as much as possible.
12. Share faith and life with her.
13. Surprise her from time to time.


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