“If you live horizontally, people will look vertically to God.” – Hugh Halter

This book, Flesh, by Hugh Halter is challenging me to consider how my life is impacting the lives of others for the glory of God. The latest chapter that I read focused on the idea that faith without works is dead. There is so much injustice and so many people for us to fight for that we can’t afford to abandon our ability to work to help abolish some sort of injustice by only focusing on our vertical relationship with God.

What excites me is that this isn’t something that I need to accomplish on my own. Embracing activism or advocacy with others not only allows us to accomplish more, but can be just what we need to stick with our convictions and not give up the fight.

As I think about what makes me mad or sad in the world, I find myself coming back to the fact that my family has decided to take a stand for orphans by fostering and adopting. This has been an incredibly difficult journey, but one that we know God called us to.

In addition to advocating for the fatherless, I’m curious about what our home church might embrace locally. Hugh Halter recommends something called Barefoot Church Primer as a study for communities of faith who are interested in discerning together what cause to partner with. I can’t wait to take a look at this material to see if it’s a good fit for us in this process.

What, or who, can you be an advocate for today?


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