This morning at our home church gathering we had an opportunity to continue sharing faith & life as we updated each other on what’s going on in our homes and the places we live, work, learn and play.

There is great peace and increased trust as we invite each other to pray with us about the deep things going on insude of us and all around us. I’m so grateful to see how God is forming us into a community of faith.

As we shifted from sharing and praying to a time of discovering together, we began to focus on Scripture and other quotes related to the topic of dying to self and coming alive in God through Jesus. As we considered these things individually for about 15 minutes we chose to be aware of hearing God’s voice and paid attention to the ways that he was inviting us to respond.

Following this time alone we gathered to share about the experience. For some this was a very new opportunity that was extremely beneficial. For all of us, this gave us a chance to slow down and just be present with God.

When was the last time that you slowed down to simply be present with God? What would that opportunity do for you today?


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