Current Question

  A week or so ago I had the incredible opportunity to enjoy a retreat for an entire day at Kavanna House. During the first part of the day I was given a couple of hours to be present with God focused around the idea that God loves me. Sounds simple, right? True, but those two hours went by so fast and in the midst of it all Gof surprised me.

As I spent time considering all the ways that God loved me, I began to think about how Jesus was God’s perfect picture of love. His life demonstrated how to genuinely love people. He made it look so easy, but that has not been the case for me. Which led me to the question: 

Why is it so stinkin’ hard to love?

Today, and probably for the next few days, if not longer, I’m going to sit with this question and invite God  to help me answer it honestly. I want to dig deep so that I’m able to uncover the reasons why this is so hard. I’m convinced that this will be an opportunity to allow God to bring healing to areas of my life that I may not have considered previously. 

What about you? Is this a question that you need to consider today?


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