For You and Me

 “Jesus came in peace to a world of strife. He came in hope to a world of despair. He came with light to a world in darkness. He came with life for you and me.” – C. Grant


Time To Celebrate!


Today our family celebrates the one year anniversary of Joseph and Luis coming home. In many ways, it’s hard to believe it’s already been one year. As I reflect back I am amazed at all that God has done.

It is very clear that both of the boys have grown. They’ve grown physically taller. They’ve grown tremendously in their language skills. Their vocabulary has multiplied and they’re in the process of catching up on their learning as they make their way through their first year of kindergarten.┬áThe boys are growing J and Lin their relationships. This hasn’t always been easy, for any of us, but God is on the move and working mightily.

For me, lately I’ve realized the miracles that God is working in my own heart. The attachment process has been more difficult than I would have expected, but God has proven to be so very faithful in the midst of it all.

Lately God has been asking me a very simple question:

Danny, are you willing to give the boys what they need?

Sounds super simple, doesn’t it? And it is, it really is. However, I’ve figured out a way to make this tougher than it should be. I’ve allowed my own needs and my selfish desire to get in the way and cloud my decisions. I’m so grateful that God continues to offer His mercy and grace to me so that I, in turn, can offer it to my boys. The Holy Spirit is coming alive in me more and more and that is what allows me to give the boys what they need…love, laughter, grace, direction, second chances…

We are a family of seven…and we choose to celebrate today!

Empowered To Connect

My wife and I have had the incredible privilege of attending the ETC Conference this past weekend. God has met us in miraculous ways to encourage and inspire us to lay a foundation of connecting with our children for the purpose of empowering them to walk in healing and wholeness.

The “YES” Challenge

 My wife and I have been enjoying the opportunity to attend a parenting seminar this weekend focused on the topic of connecting with our children. It’s been an amazing time to reflect, learn and resolve to change. 

One of the speakers was sharing their story with us and casually put a challenge out to all of us to go an entire day responding with a “yes” when our kids ask us if they can do or have something, as much as it’s possible. It’s a challenge to refrain from saying “no.”

I’m game for a challenge. So I can’t wait to give it a try when I’m with my children tomorrow. I’m not expecting it to be easy, however I can see how there could be some great benefits to turning my answers and responses to a “yes” for both my kids as well as myself. 

Now, the reason why I say this isn’t easy for me is because I have allowed myself to get in the habit of saying “no” to my kids for my own benefit and because of my own selfishness. I feel like I’m starting each day by telling my kids “no” before they even ask me a question. Quite honestly I’m surprised they even direct their questions to me because of how often I say “no.”

The more I think about it, the more I’m saddened for my kiddos. I desperately want them to hear me say “yes” more often and I never want them to get tired of asking me questions because they know that 9 times out of 10 my answer will be “no.”

So I am devoted to giving this one day challenge a try with the hopes that it will spill over into the next day, and the next, and the next until it becomes a new habit. 

How about you? Is this challenge something that would be helpful for your parenting journey?


 The prayer below is from a resource ( that provides an opportunity to pray for God’s move all around the world. You can click here for more info. 

We pray for light in our hearts and minds. We pray for light to see our way into a future that has less discrimination, less poverty, and less injustice. The light of resurrection stirs Christians in this Easter season. The light of Passover liberation inspires Jews. The light of the possibility shines for all your children throughout the world, dear God. Give us strength to follow the light as it leads us forward. Amen.