I’ve been making my way through the gospels as a way for me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. It’s been good, really good. I find myself consistently drawn to Jesus’ compassion, gentleness, wisdom, and peace.

Of course, that’s not all you get from gazing at Jesus in the first few books of the New Testament, but I believe those qualities jump out at me because they are the ones that are often times missing from my life.

This morning, as I continue through the first chapter of Luke, I’m struck by what the angel is saying to Mary. The dialogue between the two begins in similar fashion to other angel encounters where the Angel gives a greeting and then has to calm her down due to the shock of an angel appearing and talking with her.

The Angel proceeds to tell her God’s plan for her to give birth to the Son of God and they go back and forth regarding the details and then the Angel does something fun-he begins to brag on God!

In verse 36 the Angel gives a specific example of God’s miraculous power at work in the life of Mary’s relative, Elizabeth. And then in verse 37 the Angel makes an amazing claim about God that should not only stop us all in out tracks, but give us hope and encouragement with every step that we take.

Luke 1:37 – “For there is nothing that God cannot do.”

Today is one of those days that I need to be reminded that with God, nothing is ever impossible. When I feel like gentleness and compassion have vanished, I realize that perhaps I haven’t looked to God to see them reborn in me.

As much as I needed to hear this today, I’m sure that you did too. And perhaps there are others that could benefit from hearing this good news as well. Take advantage of every opportunity to brag on God!