Advent Hymn

I have recently come across this great new song by artist Christy Nockels called Advent Hymn. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and hope that you do too.

The first two lines of the chorus go well with the theme of hope that we’ve been looking at together this week.

So here I wait in hope of you
All my soul’s longing through and through

These simple phrases do a great job of capturing my heart these days as I enjoy this journey of advent this year. Now, more than ever, I’m eagerly waiting in hope for Christ to return.

The third verse captures my attention each time I hear it. Take a look and then I’ll share some simple thoughts:

Dark and cheerless is the morn
Until your love in me is born
And joyless is the evening song
Until Emmanuel has come

I realize that this song could be sung from both advent perspectives…awaiting the celebration of the birth of Jesus or awaiting his return. For me, I’ve noticed lately the darkness that comes when I go my own way as opposed to leaning into God’s way of doing things. So this idea that darkness rises with the sun in the mornings until we choose to embrace and live out the love of God is absolutely true.

And so I found myself today realizing that each morning and moment by moment throughout the day I want God’s love to be born in me.


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