Love Decides Everything

To be honest, the theme of love for this second week of advent has proven to be more difficult for me to sit with and focus on then I expected. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of Scripture passages that I could devote myself to, but after a while they all seem to say the same thing. Which isn’t a bad thing…it’s just that I’ve been wanting to see or experience something different this year.

This morning I came across a poem by Pedro Arrupe. As you will find out when you read this poem below, it doesn’t necessarily have an advent or Christmas vibe to it, but it does draw us in and reminds us just how powerful love really is. If you think about it, the power of God’s love is certainly a theme during the season of advent as we reflect on a loving God who sent the the promised Messiah to be born, live and proclaim the kingdom of God, die, be raised to life, ascend to heaven and one day return.

As you consider this poem below, I invite you to not just read it once, but multiple times. Enjoy each section and consider how it describes you and the ways that you love God and others.




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