Life-Giving Joy: Examen

joy2Today marks the third Sunday of the season of Advent. As you recall, during the first week we focused on the theme of hope and the second week we focused on the theme of love.

This week we’ll consider the “good news of great joy” that the angel proclaimed as well as how we are to wait with anticipation and joy for the coming of the Lord.

To help us position ourselves in a posture of joy, I’d like to recommend that we consider a daily examen where we focus on the parts of our days where joy was abundant as well as those moments when joy seemed to fade.

Remember, the practice of an examen is to give you an opportunity to slow down, pause, and prayerfully reflect on your day. Here’s a simple outline for you to follow as you close out each day.


  1. Make yourself comfortable. Light a candle and/or play some soft instrumental music if you like to help with the atmosphere.
  2. Rest into silence for a few minutes.
  3. Ask God to lead you through your day or week.
  4. Review and reflect.


  1. What was the most life-giving, joyous part of my day?
  2. What was the most life-thwarting, joy absent part of my day?



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