Peace is Here!

I love listening to Christmas music, do you? From Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Day it’s pretty much the only music I listen to. That’s about 30 days or so out of 365. By the time Christmas Day arrives, I’m definitely ready to start listening to my other playlists.

The thing that’s fun for me about Christmas music these days is the variety there is to choose from. I’m a fan of instrumental albums, classics, like Bing Crosby, fun songs like Rudolph and Frosty (with the exception of I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas), and all the great Christmas carols I grew up singing in our church gatherings and throughout the nearby neighborhoods with family and friends.

The other great thing about Christmas songs today is the new albums that are released by our favorite artists. Whether you’re into country, big band, piano solos, or rock ‘n roll, there’s plenty of new music to choose from.

By far, one of my favorite Christmas albums of all time is the Jars of Clay Christmas Songs album released on October of 2007. The main reason why this album ranks among the best for me is because the sound is far different then what we’re used to when it comes to Christmas music. Typically, Christmas music is bright and cheerful and filled with lots of joyful sounds. Jars of Clay created a Christmas album that defies the norm. From start to finish I find myself drawn in to deep, dark sounds that create an atmosphere of mystery and contemplation. Most people that I share this album with aren’t as impressed by the more somber sounds as I am, but that’s okay…I’m still a fan.

i find all the songs on the album enjoyable, but I certainly have my favorites. Among them includes the song, Peace is Here (below are the lyrics and the song on youtube).At first glance it may appear as if there’s not much to the song, but as I allow the music to surround me, I find myself impressed by how they are able to tell such a profound story with minimal lyrics.

As the song unfolds I’m reminded of Isaiah 9:2-7. Despite the darkness that is all around us, and at times seems to be closer then our skin, “Love has come and peace is here.” The birth of Jesus Messiah changes everything. Hope, justice, and mercy will have their day as God continues to work His plan of salvation through His faithful son, Jesus, the promised Prince of Peace.

Little children born to chaos
Sojourn by the stars appear
Though your fears wrap all around you
Love has come and peace is here

Men to men in violent rapture
Wars lay sons in fields unknown
Hope to quell the disappointment
Justice born and mercy shown

Gloria, gloria, peace is here
Gloria, gloria, peace is here

Angels sing in righteous envy
Kings of earth kneel by the throne
Born to push against the Fall
Far as the curse is found

Gloria, gloria, peace is here
Gloria, gloria, peace is here


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