Day Of Hope : Making Jesus Famous!

This past Saturday Ria and I had the privilege to head to NYC with four others from Pathway Community Church with the purpose of making Jesus famous. We joined with about 75 other volunteers to serve those who were devastated by hurricane Sandy. We partnered with Somebody Cares and Mercury One to be a part of the Day of Hope hosted by Hope NYC Church.

In the midst of the devastation all around us, hope was definitely in the air. We helped to distribute 2500 bags of food, blankets, stuffed animals, hot meals, water, and a gift card for a turkey. We were all blessed to be able to give in this way.

We also had the opportunity to take a few van loads of items to a community that is still without electricity and is in great need. Many people still cannot return to their homes to live. A man named Anthony shared with us how he is still waiting for an opportunity to have his son at his house because things are just that bad. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to not be able to see my kids for two weeks or more because of this tragedy. We had a chance to pray for Anthony and ask God to make a way for him.

Before we had to head back to Hope NYC we had an opportunity to meet Sharon. Her story is amazing. Watch this clip to understand how she is focused on shining the light of Jesus to a community that is desperate for hope.

As we worked hard together we gave the world a glimpse of what the church is all about…sharing the gospel and our lives with others. On the Day of Hope, people could tell we were Christians by our love. We had a job to do that was more a reflection of the heart and mission of God than it was of any one of us. That’s what it means to make Jesus famous.

20121118-191313.jpg 20121118-191426.jpg 20121118-191859.jpg

I’d love to hear your story of making Jesus famous. Would you mind making a comment below?