Longing (take 2)

This past week I’ve been working on an activity centered around my longings as they relate to my relationship with God. As I’ve been processing and praying and listening, I’ve noticed one thing…the longings that are stirring in me these days are all satisfied as I choose to embrace being with Jesus. 

This is no surprise, really. It’s actually refreshing for me, because the one word that I feel God has  given to me this year is the word BE. I love how God is forever faithful and knows just how to draw me to himself in deeper ways when I need it most. This was his perfect timing at work. 


What does being with Jesus look like?

The image above is representative of a scene found in the Bible when Jesus was visiting with a few friends. Mary and Martha are pictured with Jesus. Martha has been busy with serving Jesus and is now complaining that her sister Mary isn’t helping her. But Jesus responds to Martha by telling her that Mary has chosen to do what is better. Mary was simply enjoying being in the presence of Jesus.

So, what does it look like for us today to establish a rhythm where we can be present with Jesus?

I’ve been asking this question a lot lately. I find myself desperate to discover what this looks like for me because I know that my M.O. Is to be busy doing rather than to simply be.

One of the ways that I’m currently understanding this idea of being is with the word position. Here are some questions I’m beginning to ask.

1. Am I willing to position myself so I am ready to hear/listen and then willing to surrender/obey?

2. Am I willing to position myself so I am ready to receive healing and wholeness?

3. Am I willing to position myself so I am ready to allow God to influence my thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions?

I have this deep sense that my understanding of what it means to be with Jesus is directly related to my willingness to position myself before him in ways that are vulnerable.

All I Want


Whether you’re a child longing for your Mom or Dad to return home from a long day at work or you’re in love with a special someone and can’t wait to simply spend time with them again, you know what it’s like to desire the presence of someone so much that everything else in life takes a back seat and begins to fade.

This year God is asking me to focus on the simple, yet profound idea of being present with him. I’m convinced of this because it’s completely unnatural for me (right now) to rest like this as someone who has always been more interested in doing rather than being. I’m also convinced that God’s desires for me are always what’s best. Therefore, I’m choosing this year to walk this out, one step at a time.

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, taking baby steps isn’t necessarily fun, especially because it’s often times difficult to notice progress. But I’m choosing to trust Jesus and pursue what it means for me to be fully present with him.

For now, I cannot honestly say that this is truly all I want, and all I need. However, I can tell you that I desperately want to want it in that way.

So how does anyone move forward with wanting to want something? Do we simply hope for the best, wish upon a star, or find an easy button to push?

You could try, but what I’m finding is that choosing to establish specific habits and rhythms in my life is an incredible help to this journey.

I have a specific space in my house where I go each day at a specific time to connect my heart with God’s heart in a very intentional way. There are also new prayer practices and contemplative activities that I’m learning about and implementing to help me to be present with Jesus. These practices include journaling, breath prayers, daily examine, etc.

The song below has always been a favorite of mine, but recently has taken on new meaning for me as I allow God to speak in fresh ways. It’s a great representation of where I’m headed.

I haven’t arrived for sure, and don’t really plan to this side of heaven, but this is the way in which my heart is beating these days, and I’m looking forward to the journey.