Tough Question Tuesday (Again)

Tough Question Tuesday

Last Tuesday I shared that I wanted to try something new! Today, I want to try it again, because I’d love some more responses. So, this is a repeat post from last week. I’d be grateful for your responses.

There are topics that I’m in the process of researching or discovering that I plan to blog about in the near future. However, I’m not quite ready right now. I thought I would take the opportunity to ask some tough questions each Tuesday that would give me some idea of where you’re at regarding these topics. Your comments will help me to formulate my blog posts in the future. Thanks for considering answering the tough questions.

Today’s tough question:

Why have we given ourselves permission to disobey God’s fourth commandment…Remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy?

If you’d like to be transparent, why have you given yourself permission to disobey God’s fourth commandment…Remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy?

If this question doesn’t pertain to you because you’ve established a rhythm in your life to remember the sabbath and keep it holy…please feel free to share your experience.

Current Question

  A week or so ago I had the incredible opportunity to enjoy a retreat for an entire day at Kavanna House. During the first part of the day I was given a couple of hours to be present with God focused around the idea that God loves me. Sounds simple, right? True, but those two hours went by so fast and in the midst of it all Gof surprised me.

As I spent time considering all the ways that God loved me, I began to think about how Jesus was God’s perfect picture of love. His life demonstrated how to genuinely love people. He made it look so easy, but that has not been the case for me. Which led me to the question: 

Why is it so stinkin’ hard to love?

Today, and probably for the next few days, if not longer, I’m going to sit with this question and invite God  to help me answer it honestly. I want to dig deep so that I’m able to uncover the reasons why this is so hard. I’m convinced that this will be an opportunity to allow God to bring healing to areas of my life that I may not have considered previously. 

What about you? Is this a question that you need to consider today?



A friend of mine recently shared with me something that we all probably know, but it’s easy to forget, or at least be aware of its impact. He told me that a professor he once studied under said, “No communication is communication.”

On the surface that statement seems a little lacking, but if you’re able to apply it to a context that you’re familiar with, it has the ability to speak volumes.

For instance, at work I deal with a lot of emails with my fellow co-workers as well as our customers primarily because I’m a part of a virtual office. We don’t have a brick and mortar building where we come together on a regular basis. So, I rely on communication that uses technology in one way or another. When I call and leave a message or send an email or text asking for information or a return call, I’m expecting that within 24 hours I’ll hear back from that person. When this doesn’t happen, when I receive no communication, I find myself getting irked. It’s annoying and this lack of communication is definitely communicating something. I feel like they’re communicating that my correspondence is not important.

Another example is when I communicate with my kids. More often than not they will not choose to verbally respond to what I’ve said, whether it’s a directive or a compliment. What’s up with that? I certainly see improvement, but man is that frustrating. Their choice to not communicate communicates that either they didn’t hear me, or that they’re too busy to respond.

I’ve come to realize that communicating when communicated to is one of many ways that we show that people matter. Because of this, I’m definitely taking inventory and evaluating how well I choose to communicate with others.


Today is the first day of spring. 

Unfortunately, my family has woken up this morning to snow falling. That hardly seems fair. I mean, if this keeps up, we’re going to miss out on our free Rita’s Italian Ice :)

Regardless of the weather, spring is here and with it, hope is in the air. The birds will begin to sing again and the flowers will bloom. And no matter how many times we’ve seen and heard these things, the beauty and mystery of it all still captures our attention and we find ourselves in awe of our creator God. How does he do it every year? He is certainly a master at amazing us through the incredible beauty of the seasons. 

Spring is that season that seems to get the best press. Summer can be too hot for some, winter can be too cold, and autumn, for many, is that season that simply delays the cold that will inevitably arrive.  

But spring…spring is all about establishing hope in us again. The dreary days of winter begin to fade and the warmth of the sun in spring enables us to have a little more bounce in our step and joy in our hearts. 

When you think of spring, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?